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The Full Nerd episode 38: Kaby Lake G, Zen+, and the best of CES

Best hardware of 2017: PCWorld names the top products of the year

Our picks for the best hardware of 2017 didn't come easy. Our winners survived a gauntlet of testing by the PCWorld staff, and we're confident these are the very best products you can buy in each category. In compiling this list, we looked at design, performance, ease of use, and even bang for the buck. The winners also needed to pack fairly advanced components, so you won't regret purchasing one of the products a year from now.

As we worked to finalize our list, every editor had his or her favorite candidates. But after some spirited debate, we're confident we've chosen the very best. Read on to find out which hardware has stood the test of time in 2017—and should still be a great buy in early 2018.

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The best PC hardware we’re using now and why we love it

We heart this hardware
ryzen 5

Image by AMD

You know how it is when you get a new piece of PC hardware—it could be a CPU, a storage drive, or a gaming peripheral—and it just feels life-changing. Suddenly there’s new pep in your PC’s step, or you’re able to do way more on-the-go, or you’re just seriously pumped about a product’s value. Whatever the reason, there are certain parts we hold dear.

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