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Visa will make signatures optional for chipped credit cards

It's been about a month since American Express and Mastercard decided to stop requiring signatures for EMV chip credit cards. Now Visa is joining their ranks, making signatures optional for chipped transactions in North America.

"Visa is committed to delivering secure, fast and convenient payments at the point of sale," said VIsa's Dan Sanford in a statement. "Our focus is on continually evolving the market towards dynamic authentication methods such as EMV chip, as well as investing in emerging capabilities that leverage advanced analytics and biometrics. We believe making the signature requirement optional for EMV chip-enabled merchants is the responsible next step to enhance security and convenience at the point of sale."

Contact and contactless chip-enabled points of sale are taking over, of course, for their enhanced security and convenience for retail transactions. Visa notes that it has deployed more than 460 million EMV chip cards and readers at over 2.5 million locations.

Source: Visa

Oakland Athletics reportedly test NFC-powered MLB tickets

It took Apple long enough to embrace NFC, even though it was originally only enabled for Apple Pay. Luckily, the company has finally opened up the short-range wireless technology in iOS 11, which should lead to a host of innovative uses of NFC by third-parties. Case in point, according to TechCrunch, the Oakland Athletics are piloting a new system that will let you tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on ticket scanners to go see a baseball game.

TechCrunch reports that the Apple Pay-like system was piloted during six home games starting September 22nd, only a few days after iOS 11's launch on the 19th. The site claims this was the first time a professional sports event supported contactless tickets like this; it also noted that the Athletics were the first to use mobile tickets via text messaging back in 2007. The contactless tickets are being developed by Tickets.com, says TechCrunch, and should be available for more games in 2018.

Sports teams have used NFC in the past, like the NBA's "connected jersey" that let super fans unlock premium content on their smartphone apps, but this is the first iPhone-based system we've heard about. While it doesn't seem that much more convenient to tap your iPhone to redeem tickets than it is to have them scanned off of a mobile device screen, an NFC system might be more secure and less prone to error, notes TechCrunch. We've reached out to the Oakland Athletics for more details and will update this post if we hear back.

Source: TechCrunch

Tesco’s mobile payments app is now called Pay+

Tesco is a special breed of highstreet staple that just refuses to broadly support contactless payments -- unless you use its in-house mobile payment app, that is. PayQwiq has been around for a few years now, but was only accepted in all Tesco stores from the beginning of this year. PayQwiq also doesn't roll off the tongue all that well, but today it assumes a new name: Tesco Pay+.

New name, same feature set. It functions as a virtual Clubcard and keeps a record of your receipts, but its main purpose is allowing you to brandish your phone at checkouts to pay for up to £250 of shopping. So, kind of like Apple Pay or Android Pay, just a tad less convenient.

Source: Tesco